DOX for Mailrooms

The intelligent mailroom

Fast and efficient incoming mail processing is the first but indispensable step for a company to be able to react promptly to customer requests, irrespective of which channel a contact is made. We created DOX Mailroom to make this phase of the document life cycle easier for large companies.



  • Better customer experience

    Thanks to the automated classification and forwarding of letters, DOX Mailroom shortens the response time and helps maintain or increase customer satisfaction.

  • More efficient organization

    With faster information transfer into business processes, certain transactions can be initiated, supported or terminated immediately. Completing more transactions in a given time leads to higher performance.

  • More transparent operation

    The real-time understanding of the company's incoming information enables to prioritize workflows related to processing, controlling or security.

  • Lower costs

    The manual sorting, classifying and labelling of documents and content is eliminated. This allows employees to concentrate on high value-added tasks.

How does the DOX Mailroom work?

The Mailroom module of DOX Enterprise is a server-based system to automate the processing of incoming documents.

1 Input

The module can automatically process correspondence, no matter on which channel it reaches the company: paper-based or electronic content - letters, e-mails, faxes or requests received via the client portal.

2 Classification

Classification of incoming documents are twofold: based on appearance and content. In the latter case, the text and semantic-based classification allows the system to automatically assign the most appropriate processing step to a specific content: i.e. text recognition, data extraction or archiving.

3 Processing

Classification is followed by data extraction, categorization or indexing. Data extraction is an automated process using OCR technology with intelligent text recognition.

4 Use of information by business

Finally, we send the processed, now digital content in the desired format to the appropriate business users or export them into the business application defined.

There are companies where human intervention is required during the processing of incoming documents, i.e. processing of handwritten documents or unstructured formats.

DOX Enterprise platform provides perfect support even in such cases. It contributes to increased efficiency of the company by the integration of workflows accomplished outside the system, ensuring a uniform document processing which is further facilitated by simple and intuitive user interfaces.


  • Just like any other products built on DOX Enterprise platform, also DOX Mailroom can be smoothly and quickly integrated and connected to existing processes.
  • The applied integration layer supports all standard interface connections.
  • With standardized connectors that can be configured, it can be linked to the most common document archiving or content management systems, like: Saperion, OnBase, Opentext Livelink or IBM FileNet.

The mailroom module of DOX Enterprise platform can considerably simplify the first station of processing incoming documents. For organizations that work with large volumes of paper-based documents, the DOX for Capturing module provides a targeted solution. The DOX for Customer Services module is an obvious answer for customer services where high number of documents are created interactively.

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