FlowLogic Layout Engine

Where content takes a shape

Within FlowLogic platform, the layout engine is responsible for the creation, design and high-speed distribution of large volume or tailored customer communication documents made of variable data.

  • Manages inputs of almost any format

    Able to handle not only the data files supported by most manufacturers (XML, TXT, CSV, Multi CSVs, SAP Outputs, etc.), but also PDFs and AFP files for printing.

  • Completely dynamic document creation

    Depending on the content of the input file - but regardless in which format it comes from the source system - the entire content and layout can be changed.

  • Optimizes for all output channels

    Full form and content match is guaranteed in any output channels (web, mobile, portal, email, printed materials).

Due to the flexible design of the FlowLogic platform, the applied layout engine can be defined based on what suits best for the business requirements of the Client and the existing IT infrastructure of the company.

Given that INNODOX contributes to the production of more than 300 million electronic or paper-based documents annually, our colleagues’ expertise provides a solid foundation for the recommendation, which of the below widely used layout engines can be the most favourable solution for a Clients.


PReS Connect is a product of Objectif Lune. It has been developed for large-volume customer communication with variable data, answering today’s "omnichannel" challenges, when communication needs to be done through the right channel, in the right time, with relevant messages. Unlike other solutions on the market where HTML and web capabilities are an afterthought, PReS Connect was built from the ground-up using the latest web technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This, together with the high degree of automation as well as the complete range of built-in toolset result in a simple, user friendly operation of Pres Connect.

  • Easy to learn user interfaces
    Simple wizards and drag & drop tools, graphical data modelling workflows.
  • Convenient and efficient template development
    The time of template development and testing are shortened due to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach.
  • HTML 5 based template storage
    It can serve all the electronic output channels natively, resulting in more flexible and stable connection.


Kofax's Customer Communications Manager aims to provide tailored customer communication with the minimal need for IT support. Kofax CCM can considerably simplify the interactive document creation, so it can efficiently support the front office and back office activities of customer service departments, offices.

  • Custom document creation in a fraction of time
    Documents can be designed easily by web-based wizards from the set of optional content elements. Writing a reply to a customer request is reduced from half an hour to minutes.
  • Simple template definition also by business users
    Definition of templates, content and communication rules can be done by business managers using concepts and terminology that make sense to the business.
  • Easy to integrate, compatible with MS Word
    It can be integrated with source systems (CRMs, ERPs), dashboards and analytical tools. Allows centralized management, auditability, and role-based approvals of text blocks. It can also generate Word doc.


Objectif Lune's PReS is a leading VDP software tool for designing and publishing personalised documents for both transactional and direct marketing applications. The matured and stable technology of PReS results in one of the most powerful and flexible composition tool.

  • Unique performance and speed
    Optimised for mass-scale output volumes that is capable to generate hundred-thousands of documents per hour.
  • Excellent complexity management
    A document composition tool that can cope with even the most complex tasks and can be applied in a wide spectrum of workflows and processes.
  • Robust and efficient operation
    Due to its maturity, it provides reliable operation for fast and cost-effective execution of mass-scale document generation tasks.

The primary goal when designing the IT infrastructure of a Customer Communication and Output Management (CCM) solution is to support the organization in achieving a degree of customer experience improvement that can result in tangible business benefits.

Taking into consideration the specific needs of your company, Innodox can build its FlowLogic platform with any of the above layout engines in a way, that business benefits are not only realized by the higher conversion rate coming from the more efficient customer communication, but also by the increase of operational efficiency: cost reduction, time saving, positive effects of automation, business decisions based on more accurate analyses, etc.