FlowLogic Marketing Manager

A cost item turned into a marketing communication channel

FlowLogic‘s Marketing Manager enables to assign marketing messages, company updates or topical information of branches in „any length“ to outgoing documents. It also provides an ultimate solution for using the free space („white space“) on documents to customers and partners.

Service companies must send invoice letters and balance statements to their customers. With FlowLogic Marketing Manager, these documents can be turned into an efficient and cost-effective communication channel.

Key features

Recording text and image based messages

Messages can be entered, edited, changed and deleted by the marketing / CRM department on an easy-to-use interface. It runs on Microsoft Windows operating system.

Definition of filtering conditions

Using parameters available in CRM about customers (consumption, region, contract duration, etc.), filtering conditions for attaching messages can be set.

Linking messages and conditions

The appearance of messages can be linked to customer groups and to content-dependent priorities (mandatory, optional), so the entire surface of documents can be used.

Inserting images and text into layouts

Images and text can be dynamically inserted into the fields dedicated for marketing messages within the template, in line with the conditions defined.

Setting validity period of messages

The validity intervals for messages stored can be specified (from date to date) or modified, while in case of several messages publication priorities can be set.

Feedback for displaying marketing messages

Templates including marketing messages can be checked on previews, based on which messages or conditions can be modified, if necessary.

Approving and activating messages

Processing starts upon the approval of message /condition pairs and layout previews.

Administration of messages

The module allows business user to create queries on history, while administrators to manage eventual modifications related to live messages.

FlowLogic Marketing Manager

Interprets and processes those data of the source systems, that contain relevant information to marketing messages.

Provides an easy-to-use editing interface. Messages can be formatted text blocks, images, attachments (e.g. PDF or flyer).

Evaluates data, and if corresponding rules are found, attaches marketing message to the document.

Considering the priorities (mandatory, optional), the placement is made depending on the free space and the output channel.

FlowLogic’s Campaign Manager extends the general marketing message editing feature with additional functionalities that helps manage campaigns.
Campaign planning is done on a wizard-based, intuitive user interface, where systematic selection of customer databases helps make the right decisions. Marketing messages continue to be written in the Marketing module, but planning of campaigns is managed by the Campaign Manager module, which is also capable of displaying messages created in the Marketing Manager for preview purposes.

Business benefits of
FlowLogic Marketing Manager

  • Increases conversion

    With conditional logics the relevance of marketing messages can be maximized exploiting information available in the source systems (e.g. CRM) regarding consumer habits, channel preferences, etc. More relevance leads to higher conversion.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    If customers receive relevant messages from their service provider through the channel preferred by them, they may feel taken care of. This can strengthen their commitment to the company and improve their view on the customer experience provided.

  • Cost-efficient marketing / information channel

    Utilizing free spaces (White Space Management) on documents to customers and partners does not incur increased production costs, as FlowLogic Marketing Manager streamlines message placements, eliminating the need for additional paper. For content to be archived, it is possible to set archiving without marketing messages, which reduces the size of electronic files, and thus the required storage capacity.