FlowLogic Quality Management

“Excellence is not an action, but a habit.” - Aristotle

To reduce inaccuracies even in case of a customer base of millions, a multi-level controlling is required. On the one hand, you need to ensure that only checked, cleaned, complete and up-to-date data is used during the processing of documents, as data can come from multiple source systems, multiple departments or even from different companies, as well from content of different types and formats. On the other hand, the verification of layouts must be also ensured, as the data are complemented by a great deal of information during processing, additions are made, therefore a new checkpoint becomes necessary. The DataControl and Quality Manager modules of FlowLogic makes all this possible.

FlowLogic DataControl module

Following the data processing phase of the document generation process, the DataControl module of FlowLogic ensures filtering out faulty data, detecting possible data communication errors and checking completeness of the data set coming from the source systems.

  • Checking data content of the documents before layout is generated.
  • Defining the set of data to be displayed on a convenient web interface; postal code, final or partial amounts, tariff type, payment method etc.
  • Running regular control rules of document groups and aggregated operations on a group level.
  • Approval or disqualification of documents or document groups by a multi-level process.
  • Creating and running custom data queries.
  • Feedback about disqualification to the source system.

Configuration of controlling and displaying rules defined by business departments.

Running automatic and / or manual control logics in the source systems’ data.

Providing web interface for control to the co-workers to manage ad-hoc, custom queries.

Multi-level approval, serving multiple users simultaneously.

FlowLogic Quality Manager module

FlowLogic’s Quality Manager module is a control point within the document generation process, following the data control phase. Based on a pre-defined business logic, it creates a sample group from a given number of documents with the actual data of the document batch to be processed. It provides a convenient web interface for reviewing and checking the samples, to facilitate decision-making for confirmation of production.

  • Creating sample documents to be reviewed.
  • Defining business logics for random sampling.
  • Complete sampling from the batch of documents to be processed.
  • Creating sample groups by document types.
  • VIP sampling – definition of custom queries to check specific documents.
  • Feedback about disqualification to the source system.

Creation of a given number of sample documents for review based on business rules.

Displaying samples on web-based interface, so users can approve or disqualify them.

Multi-level control of content and formal elements, even by users of different organizational units.

Forwarding of document groups represented by approved samples. A traceable, automated process.

Business benefits of FlowLogic Quality Management

More efficient and transparent operation

By creating and displaying of sample groups on an easy-to-use web-based interface, FlowLogic Quality Management ensures a fast, traceable and fully automated controlling process.

Quality assurance made easy

The technology provided by FlowLogic’s DataControl and Quality Manager modules is also capable of meeting even increasing quality assurance needs, that can contribute to win the trust of customers.

Increased customer satisfaction

FlowLogic Quality Management filters out documents with inaccurate content or layout, which can reduce the number of customer complaints, thereby improve the service provider's perception and increase the customers’ satisfaction.

Lower production costs

By eliminating incorrect documents, savings on production costs can be realized, as the multi-level and efficient control process considerably reduces the likelihood of re-reprinting and repeated delivery.