FlowLogic Template Manager

For refined customer communication plenty of templates are needed

Using templates saves time and resources while ensures consistent, high-quality contents. Nonetheless, for a truly personalized, customized communication that is also tailored for the specific business processes, it is advisable to use plenty of different templates. The use of many templates is inherently associated with abundance of data, including components in diverse formats: images, script snippets for common tasks, data files or even binary files. Managing the various versions of these can further increase complexity.
To make things easier, we created FlowLogic’s Template Manager to manage and store the various template versions and the different template components that can be used, establishing this way a consistent and centralized template development process.

How does the FlowLogic Template Manager help?

The Template Manager module enables the simple and consistent management of all the necessary components; images, shared codes, datafiles, binary files in one place through an easy-to-learn web-based user interface.

Version management of templates

The application handles the relationships between versions, therefore uploaded template components, resources can be used even in multiple projects and can exist in many versions.

Storing and registering templates

Users can easily develop and modify templates and then upload the finished project as a new version to the application.

Testing templates

Before a new version is released, projects can be easily reviewed and tested by the authorized user with approving credentials, by installing it from the interface.

Modification management and release

If all tests are successful, the approving user can approve the version of the project, thus making it accessable for production input data. If tests fail, the version is rejected for further development.

Template components components can be used in multiple projects and exist in multiple versions. The application keeps track of the relationships between the versions.

All necessary file transfers and operations are done without the need of manual assistance, when the editors switch from browser to hard drive.

Authorized users can verify the projects by installing them from the user interface andrunning tests.

A project version can be approved for use in operation or rejected for further development or troubleshooting.

Business benefits of FlowLogic Marketing Manager


  • Contributes to the growth of the company’s group knowledge

    The storage and easy administration of template resources, components and versions facilitate the template development of new colleagues, without having to rely on the editor of the previous versions.

  • Improved operational efficiency

    The easy-to-use, web-based interface and centralized storage reduce the time of template development, thus the resources used.

  • Enables a more tailored customer communication

    The easier the template creation and template administration, the greater the variety of templates can be that the organization is able to cope with. Personalized customer communication, that is truly tailored for clients does not exists without a sophisticated template management.