One platform. Unlimited potential.

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. It is Hyland's most successful product, which also earned the recognition of leading market analysts - such as Gartner and Forrester - as being one of the most mature, market-leading ECM solution.

Hylanders believe, they can accomplish anything when they have the freedom to innovate, be creative and embrace the future. That, and an intense dedication to Hyland’s core values, is what their award-winning software is built on. OnBase has been continuously perfected by 3000 employees in 30 offices around world since 1991. Its constant, research-based development with an average of two updates per year, ensures OnBase remains relevant with evolving industry trends, stays current with technological innovations, and supports the latest operating systems, browsers and applications.
It is no coincidence that almost 15300 customers in more than 80 countries already work with OnBase, as it is able to meet a wide range of user requirements due to its numerous variable modules.

Why OnBase is popular among IT managers


  • Configurable without code

    OnBase is point-and-click configurable, with the use of checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus allowing to quickly configure and easily change.

  • Scalable across your organization

    Even for a single department it is worth considering OnBase. It scales as requirements evolve, while maintaining speed and performance, even as you continue to expand and enhance your solution.

  • Easy to update

    With OnBase, all your solution components are upgraded together, eliminating the challenges of upgrading multiple custom-coded or point solutions.

  • Cost-efficient operation

    It is based on an end-to-end architecture that can be accessed from both the branch office or the cloud. Supporting, maintaining, and updating a single system reduces overall costs while providing complete IT control.

OnBase and INNODOX

Over the past period, we have reviewed and analysed a number of ECM solutions from technological and stability point of view. We paid special attention to the maturity of the technology, the satisfaction of existing customers as well as to the partner relations and the quality of support.
From multiple international suppliers, we chose OnBase, which is currently one of the most scalable and comprehensive Enterprise Content Management platform.

OnBase is therefore the strategic ECM platform of Innodox.
Our partner relationship extends beyond Germany to Hungary,
to Switzerland, Austria and the Scandinavian States.

For 20 years, Innodox has been providing solutions in the field of enterprise information management and output management throughout the entire document life cycle. We contribute to the creation of more than 300 million documents annually. Our exceptional document management experience makes us a competent partner for implementing and supporting the OnBase Enterprise Content Management platform.