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The IT landscape of companies is mostly heterogeneous, grown for decades and often characterized by "IT silos". Individual business units use department-specific applications, databases and archive systems. These IT silos, which are set up in parallel and only partially interconnected, support business processes far from optimal. This complicates work, reduces response times and often results in unexploited business potential.

The requirements have changed drastically. Modern IT services should provide real time access of all information to employees required to accomplish their work, and if necessary adapt flexibly to changes. Therefore, IT silos must be modernized, standardized and above all, consolidated. Company-wide and agile business processes can only be introduced in this way.

Questions to clarify

There are several barriers to overcome on the way to an agile IT platform and a company-wide archive solution, and so it is worth answering some questions:

  • How long does it take to find a specific document and how can be ensured that users see the current version of the archived document?
  • How can you make sure that only authorized users have access to sensitive documents and information?
  • How simple the search process is currently? Does it allow a full-text search?
  • How easy is to track and, if necessary, to prove, who retrieved, which document from the archive, at what time?
  • How can the headquarter find documents, that were created on the field or by separate business units?
  • How the access to central information can be controlled - especially from different locations?
  • How can new applications and business processes be integrated into the use of archive?
  • How can you ensure that storage and retention of corporate content complies with the latest external and internal regulations?

We love archiving!

The number of documents continuously being archived by Innodox’s clients (pdf, txt, etc.) is over one and a half billion by now. With our related solutions, we provide service for more thousands of users 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Customers about INNODOX

Archiving our huge amount of documents in a structured way has been giving us a great advantage handling all new regulations, like GDPR. To be in control of our information, and not having it stored in various binders, file servers or email-inboxes is today absolutely necessary for our organization. Here Innodox has been a great help simplifying our work with the archiving system. - Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System
Dina Försäkring AB

The characteristics of our archive solutions

When developing our document management solutions, we focus on the following aspects:

Immediate availability

Easy retrieval

Safe storage

Ensuring compliance


The archive solutions of Innodox do not only provide organizations with an archive! They create the conditions for universal data handling and build up an information base, which can become the basis of your company’s group knowledge. This knowledge can be then used in many ways on various fields and can become the engine of increased efficiency and - as a result of the improved customer experience - a better company perception.