Business Process Automation

Focus on your human resources

Digital transformation is putting tremendous pressure on companies from all sectors. They are required to continuously adapt to the increasing demands of customers, partners and employees. Increased competition and falling margins are forcing companies to increase the efficiency and agility of their processes.

As companies grow and workload increases, overworked employees are the usual consequence. One way to counteract the increasing burden and at the same time reduce costs is the automation of business processes (BPA - Business Process Automation). The spectrum ranges from rather simple tasks such as the assisted completion of an expense report to complex processes such as the automated creation of contracts or invoices.

If a company has many customers, large amounts of information must be managed electronically. Very often, this information is stored in decentralized and unstructured way, which considerably slows down and holds back business processes. In addition, these processes are often controlled by human intervention, which significantly increases the risk of error.

Opportunities arisen by the automation of business processes

  • By automating business processes, individual tasks become transparent and thus comprehensible.
  • Automation can save valuable manpower by enabling users to focus on more complex and important tasks.
  • As processes accelerate, service levels, response times and as a result, customer satisfaction improve.
  • Our solutions visualize the business processes for the IT department, so that they can monitor the activities. /li>
  • Using dashboard and reports, the status of business processes can be detected at a glance - processes become transparent and measurable.

Simple and user-friendly solutions

Our solutions for automating business processes not only mean that single steps are automated, but common interfaces are created for those who participate in the processes from various aspects including the decision makers. This way both IT and business users can manage the same platform and given that the various specialized systems and processes (workflows) become integrated, the decision-making process is also accelerated.

With automation, co-workers can do their job most efficiently because all information is accessible to them. As a result, the risk of error decreases significantly. With our solutions, companies work much more efficiently and require fewer resources.

Customers about INNODOX

One of the most important values for Uniqa is customer satisfaction. To do this, we try to make our processes as efficient as Innodox's flexible and tedious solutions provide effective assistance.

Innodox automation solutions support Enterprise Content Management


Designable user interfaces

Easy to create processes

Quickly implemented business logic

Easy to integrate interfaces

  • Simplify the processing and digitization of incoming documents.
  • Make incoming documents transparent and traceable to users.
  • Ensure grouping, categorizing and routing documents by cases.
  • Support the creation of documents, contracts and replies interactively, on-demand or batch.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing or future IT architecture.
  • Monitor the records retention schedule of the individual cases and manage disposal.
  • •Create a platform that covers the full spectrum of document management.

Automation of business processes and digital transformation - the key to a successful future

Digitalization is equally relevant in all industries, forcing a shift not only in technology, but also in the mindset of business management and the definition of business processes. The competition is becoming ever fiercer and only those players can keep up with the challenges, who recognise the opportunities coming from the new solutions and act upon.

Let us think together in which areas of your company business processes can be automated and which specific measurable benefits you can draw from them. Our solutions have automated the business processes of many customers, resulting for them in significantly improved competitiveness.