Case Management

Case Management in the 21st Century

Case Management is one of the top topics in companies. It is not only important to optimize business processes and eliminate unnecessary cost drivers, but also to enable the organization to best adapt to the constantly changing conditions.

Using an analogy to illustrate what it means for a company; if Business Process Management (BPM) is a „map“ in the navigation system of your firm, and the driving time – i.e. the use of the roads (= processing time) is measured and displayed in KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on the dashboard, then Case Management is the learning "navigation system", which detects user behaviour and integrates their experience.

With modern case management, experienced users can easily incorporate their expertise and thus contribute significantly to optimal transaction processing.

Case management as the basis of efficient organizations

If we look at the reality of case management routines in many companies, it becomes visible what efficiency and cost reduction potentials are still unused:

  • Presentations and negotiations with customers are nowadays often carried out by videoconferencing, still the "important" documents are printed out then filed in most companies.
  • Forms are filled in digitally on the PC to be printed, signed and scanned again. Alternatively, the required signature is inserted as a JPG in the form.
  • Many companies have solutions to access information in individual business units. However, the availability of company-wide archive and content research solutions is still rare.

Case Management solutions can simplify the tasks described above to a great extent. All related content, contextual data, roles, rules processes and business activities, that are required in the workflow are made available to your co-workers, managers and assistants at the point where they are needed. The time-consuming search for information drops; the reaction times and costs are significantly reduced.

Investments in Case Management solutions pay off!

The industry association Bitkom has determined in a representative study, which benefits companies can gain by investmenting into the digitization of office and administrative processes.
The figures speak for themselves:

  • 74 % of the companies surveyed say that the introduction of new software solutions has had a positive effect on the performance of their internal office and administrative processes.
  • Customers also benefit: just under two-thirds (63%) of companies state that they were able to increase customer satisfaction significantly through optimized processes.
  • A good half (51%) was also able to increase data security.

(Source: Bitkom Digital Office Index)

Customers about INNODOX

INNODOX provides GAZPROM Germania GmbH reliable services in the area of monitoring and system operations our SER-based DMS system. These services are an important part of the smooth operation of the complex system landscape. - Stefan Jacob, Senior IT Service Manager
GAZPROM Germania GmbH

What Case Management solutions from Innodox bring you

Case management with INNODOX - optimal support for users

Related content

Contextual data

Roles, rules and processes

Business activities

Although digitization and automation significantly increase business efficiency, they do not solve every problem! The expertise and decision-making ability of human resources are not automatable. Certain tasks cannot or just partially be structured, are not predictable, so their exercise requires human judgment and discernment. Our case management solutions have been developed to best support such tasks. By adequately using them, the organization will be able to handle even complex processes quickly and efficiently, as all the necessary data, documents and processes are available in a single and uniform platform.

The digital transformation can therefore only be completed by the use of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms.