Customer Communication & Output Management

Personalized customer communication creates competitive advantages

Providing information to clients, digital or paper, is one of the most relevant part of customer relations for most companies. The massive increase of demand for business documents requires a powerful, enterprise-wide customer communication management system. It must be able to use the information of the various business processes to automate the creation of correspondence.

Documents are always generated as part of business processes, that specify the specific system data should come from, as well the communication channel where created documents should be delivered. The main task of a Customer Communication Management System is to link the existing information with the document templates, thus to "format" the documents, and optimize them for the communication channel desired by the recipient.

In the past, most business documents were printed and sent as a letter to the recipient. By now, more and more - especially younger customers – prefer to receive digital documents, such as a PDF attachment to an e-mail or to have download option on a web portal. Such documents are no longer printed out, just being stored digitally at the recipient or forwarded to the tax accountant, for example. This process has a number of advantages for the recipient: it works fast, is safe, facilitates filing or further processing and often means reduced costs.

Omnichannel Customer Communication Management

  • To maintain competitiveness, they must set up the existing data pool to optimize the documents for each desired communication channel, and, if necessary, prove the delivery.
  • Customers expect personalized letters, tailored to their needs. Again, this makes „automated personalization" of the customer communication more of a challange: in addition to tailored content, the format and the layout of documents must also be taken into account at each channel.
  • The customer communication management system must be able to manage eventual tax codes and supplements (IT franking, OMR codes, ...) related to documents depending on the communication channel. By now, the single communication channel, "mail" has become a much more complex Omni Channel customer communication.

Customers about INNODOX

Archiving our huge amount of documents in a structured way has been giving us a great advantage handling all new regulations, like GDPR. To be in control of our information, and not having it stored in various binders, file servers or email-inboxes is today absolutely necessary for our organization. Here Innodox has been a great help simplifying our work with the archiving system. - Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System
Dina Försäkring AB

Customer Communication Management with INNODOX

The specific business and IT departments are challenged in many ways to meet these complex requirements of customers. A pure output management system, which "only" optimizes existing documents and bundles them for delivery, no longer meets these requirements.
Proven solutions are needed, that can create, format and distribute documents in the way described above, as well as deliver them. This is the only economically viable option promising the opportunity to look after customers individually for companies, and that is what inspired the development of Innodox’s original CCM solutions, that have already been proven in a great number of projects.
With FlowLogic platform, specific business departments no longer have to worry about document and information management, but can focus on providing optimal customer care. It provides relief also for IT departments; as the requirements of all business departments - even in large companies - can be fully covered by one scalable solution.





The benefits of the Flow Logic Output Management Platform at a glance:

An IT solution alone is not enough. One needs people to make it work.

Innodox has been engaged with developing solutions in the field of enterprise information management for more than 20 years. From intelligent processing of incoming mails to automated document creation and archiving, we cover the entire document life cycle in the full spectrum of contents of a company. Our consultants support our customers in every phase of our projects: from finding the right IT architecture, through implementation, operations and training.

We strive to simplify the lives of our clients in every country we operate.

We work with agile project management methodology, always keeping in mind the commonly agreed deadlines. Our development and implementation processes are audited in accordance with ISO 9001. We are committed to the information security of data managed by us, therefore in addition to the ISO 9001 standard, the ISO 27001 information security management system has been also introduced.