Mailroom Services

Tips and tricks for efficient inbound processing of the future

Rule-based solutions that search for well-defined keywords has reached their limits, at the latest when unstructured messages (e-mail, social media, chat) started to extend, as they require too large and complex rules to write, do not follow any logic and have to be constantly adapted at a very high cost. These can engage resources that are more urgently needed for the core business.

Challenges of mailrooms today


  • Nowadays, an organization has to process several hundreds, thousands, ten thousand incoming documents a day, through different communication channels and in a number of different formats.
  • The digital era that resulted in a faster, easier multichannel exchange of information has multiplied the frequency and complexity of customer communication.
  • In some industries, paper-based customer communication still dominates, while processing of incoming mails and their digitization requires special skills.
  • Processing can become truly complex, when the case history or other related information are also necessary to manage the procedure.

Incoming mail processing - including eventual digitization, OCR, capturing, indexing and postprocessing - is now a separate field of expertise. If it becomes complex, it is worth to automate it partially or completely!

Why? Adequate processing of incoming communication can contribute to improved customer experience and increased efficiency by the faster information transfer into business processes. By efficiency, we also mean that employees can devote more time for activities requiring real human qualities.

Customers about INNODOX

The issue of legal certainty plays a major role for us. With the introduction of Contentaccess, our compliance requirements in the field of mail archiving were implemented. We found Innodox a reliable and competent partner in the implementation of this solution. - Daniel Diekmann, Leiter IT Services
Harz-Weser-Werkstätten GmbH

The complex becomes simple - how?

The simplification of document indexing tasks means that all workflows related to the different channels and various formats, therefore requiring specific processing, are realized in one solution with unified approach, that is tailored for your company’s needs. All this, by delivering user-friendly systems, that can be configured or managed by business users, as well can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment.

Intelligent Document Processing in INNODOX style

Our intelligent document processing of the incoming digitized or electronic content is so precise that allows the documents to be assigned to the corresponding case right from the beginning of the process. By making also the case history available, the entire document processing can become even faster and more efficient.

Digitization, automated grading of documents

Automated retrieval of business critical data

Supporting tasks requiring human intervention

Integration, transferring data to specialist systems

After content sorting, data extracted from the documents and indexed is exported and sent to the desired location in the format required, while also ensuring the digital archiving of the original version. As a result, the information obtained from the documents can be accessed for follow-up processes to the external database of the enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise content management (ECM) or any other applications via XML or ODBC connection.

As part of our solutions, if required, we provide a web-based interface that allows 24/7 tracking of mailroom activities from anywhere.

Processing and indexing of incoming communication therefore just the first step in managing corporate content, but it's worth paying attention to it. Our solutions can turn this activity, which otherwise requires a high level of personnel expenditure, into a simple process that can contribute to the company's efficiency and better perception resulted by the increased customer experience.