Support for Customer Services

A customer service that generates genuine customer enthusiasm!

Customer experience is resulted by a blend of various factors, but probably the quality of customer service has a major impact. With the growing number of touch points and communication channels between a company and its clients, providing professional customers service requires more and more expertise, which today no longer depends only on the personality and competence of the person in charge!
For a service provider with hundred thousands or millions of customers, managing a great number of different types of transactions in different business areas, it is an everyday challenge to ensure a satisfactory level of customer experience. The IT support of customer services can make or break these efforts. Lack of information and slow or incorrect administration will lead to negative evaluation of the service provider.

What are the usual issues employees need to face at customer services?

  • Editing a massive number of electronic or paper-based reply documents, with content that needs to be adapted and tailored for respective customer.
  • Processing complex cases involving multiple departments and preparing the respond mail possibly in one document.
  • Dynamic change of the document content depending on approvals, always reflecting the current processing status.
  • Managing a wide variety of customer inquiries with hundreds of transaction types related. Without preconfigured, user-friendly document templates, preparing reply documents can take much time.
  • Controlling and releasing of the approved version of the document, which in the case of large volumes can lead to errors.
  • Supporting IT systems can be confusing and may not be able to handle emerging problems efficiently.
  • Finding and training of qualified employees imposes heavy burden on the organization as well on the co-workers, who will need to ensure the smooth operation in the meantime.

INNODOX‘s solutions make all these simple, enabling…

Uniform customer communication across all channels (mail, e-mail, account in web portal, etc.) reflecting present corporate identity.

Higher customer satisfaction while reducing costs through more efficient communication.

Lower costs related to finding and training new employees, due to user-friendly configuration wizards and other supporting tools.

Faster transfer of incoming information into business processes resulting in more reliable decisions and more efficient administration.

Managing transparent, centralized and automated processes in one comprehensive solution of high data security.

Easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

Customers about INNODOX

Having the policy and claims document in a digital format is making it possible to communicate in an interactive way with the customer, for example via My Pages. The customer can also communicate with us, being sure the documents are stored in a secure way, and deleted the day no longer relevant. The solution provided by Innodox made these processes way more simple both for us and for the customer. Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System
Dina Försäkring AB

Which processes of customer services can be simplified?

Bringing information faster into business processes

Simple template management to answer complex issues

Cost-effective marketing and sales support

Interactive document creation

A fast and efficient customer service increases customer satisfaction

The Customer Service is the place where the customer meets the service provider. It is among the basic customer expectations, that it operates seamlessly. Especially, because customers tend to remember negative experiences, while positive aspects are often taken for granted. Traditional customer service systems are no longer able to adequately support modern, process-based solutions, despite the integration of customer services into the knowledge base of the organization is crucial to ensure an outstanding experience for clients.

INNODOX solutions provide easy-to-use and efficient support for the optimal work of employees in customer service, so that they can assure a first-class customer experience.