A proprietary, open source platform that offers multi-directional connections, enabling the seamless interfacing of diverse applications, the implementation of a workflow control layer for non-standard business needs and the presentation of those layers on a user-friendly interface.

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  • Standard interfaces
  • Customizable user interfaces
  • Configurable processes



Focus on the delight of the business user

Successfully mapping out business needs and implementing them in the company's IT infrastructure are challenging tasks. INNODOX CONNECT establishes connection between various systems for integration, data transfer and processing. If a backend system has no process control or user interface, they are not adequate for particular needs, our solution provides flexible layers that are easy to customize along specific business requirements. INNODOX CONNECT is a platform built on open source technologies, enabling scalability, quick and flexible development tailored to unique needs and full or partial cloud integration.

Standardized, configurable connectors

We have set up configurable standardized connectors for recurrent integrations, including a standardized version for frequent ERP systems (e.g. SAP).

Quickly implementable business logic

Module libraries created for typical customer needs reduce the resource needs of implementations while they can also be supplemented with on-demand functionalities.

Easy-to-create workflows

Workflows are designed with a graphic BPMN modelling tool resulting in quick and easy process for all, also allowing subsequent modifications.

Highly adaptable user interfaces

Screen elements can be arranged to form a user friendly interface enabling effective content searching, editing and report generation.

  • Frequent integration scenarios

    The most frequent integrations with INNODOX CONNECT are established to core systems that source data for automated and data-driven document creation or are the destination for data extracted with our capturing solutions. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are typically so. From them, the most frequent ones are SAP, IBM FileNet, LiveLink (Opentext), SalesForce, Libra, Ultimate and SISI.

  • Typical application

    INNODOX CONNECT provides a solution in scenarios where an off-the-shelf software product cannot be integrated seamlessly into a corporate IT infrastructure or only in a manner that fails to meet all of your business needs. Such as, management of specific document-related workflows (e.g. unique offers), implementation of processes between multiple systems or the customization of paper-based document digitization and the related user interfaces.

Communication interface

When developing INNODOX CONNECT's framework application, we paid special attention to SOA and Microservice guidelines. The communication interface between individual modules is provided by RESTful web services over HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Thanks to the widely adopted technologies and common information technology protocol, the solution offers almost endless possibilities for accommodating operational and integrational considerations. 

Front-End layer

We always use the latest version of Angular when developing the front-end interfaces for INNODOX CONNECT. Angular is a deservedly popular framework, as it is extremely stable, a great number of tools are available for it and it enjoys huge community support. It is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern that enables the creation of well-organized structures where customer needs can be implemented quickly, thereby establishing an easy to maintain, flexible code base.

Workflow engine

Thanks to its built-in workflow motor connector, INNODOX CONNECT integrates easily with external workflow engines that most companies have already. If not and if the complexity of the implementable business process calls for it, we apply the Camunda Workflow Engine. Camunda is an already proven tool in enterprise environments, its main advantages are the wide user base and community-based support.

Customers about INNODOX

  • Dina Försäkring AB

    Having the policy and claims document in a digital format is making it possible to communicate in an interactive way with the customer, for example via My Pages. The customer can also communicate with us, being sure the documents are stored in a secure way, and deleted the day no longer relevant. The solution provided by Innodox made these processes way more simple both for us and for the customer. Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System


    One of the most important assets of Uniqa is the satisfaction of our customers. For this, we need to make our processes as efficient as possible. Innodox's flexible and tailored solutions provide competent assistance in this regard.

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