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The digital transformation of service providers

Smart application of new technologies can improve the operational efficiency of service companies way more than the cost reduction efforts of the last decades, which typically meant reorganizations, dismissals and restraint of investments. Industry analysis show that while the latter measures - by having a direct impact on employee satisfaction - impair the quality of service, thus the market position of the service provider in the long run, the emergence of machine learning and other advanced analytical techniques, the digitization and automation of a wide range of processes, combined with the use of information coming from the massive customer data available lead to new approaches that can fundamentally change the cost structure of a service provider.

Service design, technology, customer experience

When it comes to customer experience, players of the digital economy have raised the bar very high. Customers expect the speed, the degree of personalization and the convenience, they have got used to, on Google or Amazon from their service provider.
Designing services through research- or observation-based consumer understanding and supporting processes built in this way by modern technologies to maximize human interactions can result in a customer experience that can compete with the emerging challengers.

Most Innodox customers come from service providers. Through our Clients, millions of people receive every month documents, we have contributed to. With 20 years of experience behind us, we are specialist enhancing the digital transformation capabilities of our Clients in the field of document/digital content creation, digitization, control of delivery, archiving and output management.

Service companies in the era of digitization

A modern service provider respects customers' time. It strives to make the administration as fast and convenient as possible. It creates self-service opportunities, while providing "personal" support with chatbots, helps you make decisions with predictive recommendations and ensures with voice-based interaction or OCR solutions that customers do not even have to type to make an inquiry. By intelligent sorting, it delivers incoming customer requests to the person in charge in a matter of seconds or sends an automated response depending on the nature of the request. If the case is complex, therefore requires human decisions, it provides managers a complete view of information needed to resolve the case. Response documents are generated interactively or with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) support in minutes and are sent out in the format / channel that the customer prefers the most.

On the way to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey that aims to enable the organization
to maximize the potential of new technologies in order to meet the evolving consumer needs. Innodox's solutions help this journey along the entire document life cycle:

Mailroom Services

Simplifying the entry and distribution of incoming emails or requests customer needs can be quickly routed to the manager responsible.

Support for Customer Services

Incoming requests can be easily and quickly answered, partly automated or interactively, due to our solutions to support customer services.

Case Management

Our case management solutions provide a complete view of information that managers need to accomplish work and support better decision-making.

Customer Communication

Outbound customer communication is simplified by using data stored in source systems and by the rules that can be easily configured by business managers.


Our enterprise content management solutions create the foundations for universal data handling, providing knowledge base for sophisticated customer communication.

Output Management

With our solutions for mass customization of outbound communication, not only content but also the channel preference of customers is taken into account.

Did you know?

Only 19 percent of brands offer more than a basic level of personalization of the online experience.
[Source: IBM Customer Experience Study, 2017]

Speed, convenience, helpful employees and friendly service matter most, each hitting over 70% in importance to consumers.
[Source: PwC Future of Customer Experience Survey 2017/18]

How does Innodox help simplify service providers' lives?

Paperless operation

While there are service providers where agents on the "field" or administrators of customer service department are equipped with tablets, signing contracts or approving completion certificates is mostly managed on paper. Automatizing the digitization of such documents and delivering information from data extracted to the place of administration as soon as possible - is key to effective business processes.

  • Less manual processes increase efficiency.
  • Transparent and automated business processes to facilitate the work of administrators.
  • Reduced lead times, while customer satisfaction is increased.

Effective case management

From intelligent sorting of inbound documents to automated or interactive response mail generation and delivery, our solutions ensure a fast and efficient management of high complexity cases with their related content along the entire document life cycle.

  • More simple business processes by "smart" transaction processing help to reduce costs.
  • Business managers of customers service department can configure processes on user-friendly interfaces with hardly any IT help.
  • Portal solutions for easy and centralized customer communication reduces the load of customer services..

Personalized communication cost effectively

A complete view of customers is the basis of a sophisticated segmentation leading to customisation of messages. Beyond that, our solutions ensure a cost-effective generation and delivery of tailored communication to your customers across all channels in a mass scale.

  • Dynamic marketing messages, targeting specific customer segments can be integrated into outbound mails, turning a cost item into an upsell opportunity.
  • Most tasks requiring human interventions can be eliminated by automated processing, enabling employees to focus on more complex ones.
  • Production and delivery costs can be greatly diminished by the effective usage of layout optimization, enveloping, grouping etc.

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