IT Consulting

From concept to completion, we provide support to our customers from the very beginning of the implementation of the output management, ECM and CCM systems. Based on standard products, we deliver individual solutions which require outstanding technology and special knowledge.



Our consultancy service includes:

  • Review and analysis of customer’s IT infrastructure and document management processes
  • Evaluate business requirements and prepare specifications
  • Outline vendor / product independent concepts
  • Present a portfolio of wide-ranging solutions
  • Produce feasibility studies for specific projects
  • Compose technical specifications
  • Design customised or standardised solutions
  • Elaborate service models based on individual needs
  • Run quality management audits


Developing applications that are critical for companies not only requires accurate knowledge of existing technologies, but also systematic assessment and design in the spirit of quality assurance, as well as the use of appropriate tools and techniques. With 20 years of experience in various industries and application areas behind us, our expertise ensures professional service regardless of which phase of digital transformation your company faces challenges.

Project implementation

Our project management methodology was developed following international methodological recommendations, that are primarily based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), developed by the US Project Management Institute and that is currently considered to be the standard.



Our implementation projects are characterised by:

  • Deliberate design

    For each phase of the project (Initiation, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Control, Closing), we consult with our Customer, and we define the tasks to be performed by each party (Role and Responsibility Matrix).
  • Applying Best Practices

    We implement our projects using the highest industry standards and best practices currently available combined with methods that previously gained positive feedbacks from our customers and involving colleagues with proven track record on the given field.
  • Comprehensive service package

    Our implementation projects include detailed technical and project planning tasks in the integration, development, testing and deployment phases of the project.
  • Quality assurance

    Innodox Technologies' development and implementation processes are audited in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.


During implementation, our main goal is to enable our customers to use the solution provided as quickly and efficiently as possible, while managing risks properly.

Support 7/24

Errors in an application may directly interfere with the operation of your business and may result in an immediate loss. It is key to ensure their stable operation. Innodox provides support for its own and its partners’ products and other software components integrated into our solutions.


Which activities does it cover?

  • Diagnosing software issues
  • Describing potential solutions
  • Fixing bugs and making updates, new versions available
  • Consultancy related to security, operation and monitoring
  • Maintaining relationship to software producers


To whom does it recommended?

We recommend it to customers who maintain an internal operating team, but occasionally require high-level expertise or extra engineering capacity


What do we offer?

  • Personalized support in each case, with maximum effort to accommodate customer needs flexibly while taking into account the pre-agreed service levels.
  • 7/24 availability, ensuring that the applications are restored as soon as possible minimizing the loss of service due to failure.
  • Remote support through secure channel and by the appropriate management tool. Our operations are working in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, while the ISO 27001 information security management system has also been introduced.


With our highly qualified team, we can provide fast recovery of business-critical services and make complex changes in a timely and cost-effective way.


Due to our 20 years of experience, unique professional knowledge and continuous service development, we provide operations services of systems installed and implemented by Innodox putting emphasis on finding the optimal conditions of availability and appropriate security levels - no matter if the system is being operated in-house or in the customer’s environment.

  • Up to 7/24 hours availability
  • Guaranteed service quality in accordance with service level agreement 
  • Providing a HelpDesk service
  • Prompt fixing of incoming requests and discovered bugs
  • Supporting the daily work of business users
  • Managing application owner and other administrative tasks
  • Ensuring a highly qualified team with the necessary professional skills
  • Availability in all countries we operate: Germany, Scandinavian countries and Hungary
  • Operation according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
  • Professional service reports
  • Managing operational, maintenance and change management procedures
  • Producer and developer support if different systems are managed


We help our clients with IT support and operator trainings to enable them to configure, further develop, add new elements to their existing systems on their own and operate safely in the customer’s IT environment.

Cloud-based services

Our Customers can take advantage of our cloud-based solutions without having to create their own infrastructure, by using resources dedicated for them in the private, hybrid or public cloud. Whether it is about using applications, solving data storage problems or a potential computing capacity increase for faster performance, the Cloud offers a safe and easy option.


The primary advantages of our cloud-based solutions:

  • Predictable costs

    Without investment in infrastructure, also saving on maintenance costs

  • Flexible

    Easy to adjust to changing needs, scalable, also available for short-term use

  • Simple

    Fast to implement and accessible to users without any extra applications from everywhere via the internet

  • Safe

    Due to strict encryption methods, data is not lost in case of vis mayor nor by just a laptop lost



Cloud-based services also enable our SME customers to access technologies that were previously only available to large corporations. As for the large businesses, document and content management (mailroom, archive, customer communication, etc.) is exactly the area where it is worth considering the Cloud due to its undisputable benefits.