Procurement support

Digitalization, company-wide standardization and optimization of procurement processes while making them measurable. Automation of manual tasks, establishing transparency over requisitions and tenders, shortening lead times.

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A solution to support procurement processes

  • Procurement requisitions

    Self-service forms for defining procurement criteria and identifying cost centres, assignment of responsible employees.

  • Supplier assessment

    Comparison of incoming offers in customizable data tables, completed with diagram tools.

  • Decision support, approval

    Forwarding data and comparisons for decision-making and approvals.

  • Contracting, purchasing

    After approval, automated, template-based contract generation, forwarding to the partner.

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  • Accessing information directly from enterprise system

    Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or CRM systems enables several convenience functions like the automatic loading of supplier data upon the creation of order forms. INNODOX DOCUMENT stores electronic copies of all documents and these copies can be accessed anytime directly from enterprise systems (SAP, FileNet, SalesForce etc.). This way, employees can instantly access the information they need, including assessment scores, prices, bids, invoices, etc. without having to exit the familiar application they are using.

  • Full Outlook integration

    INNODOX DOCUMENT can be integrated with the widely used Outlook application and you can access most of its functions without having to leave your email system. What is more, due to the system's Outlook Integration module, suppliers will not need to save the RFOs to be completed and return them as attachments. The data of forms completed in Outlook are automatically added to information stored in INNODOX DOCUMENT, further decreasing the administrative burdens on the procurement department.

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INNODOX DOCUMENT - Further application areas
  • Contract management

    Structured creation, approval, versioning and secure sharing of draft contracts with participants inside and outside the organization, following them through the entire document lifecycle.

  • Invoice management, invoice approval

    Automated, transparent processing and approval of invoices with customizable work flows and easy-to-configure reports, linking in documents that are needed for granting approval.

  • Recruitment, HR Support

    Simplified selection and employement process with automated onboarding and offboarding, transparent management of all employee matters.

  • Electronic authentication

    Authentication and subsequent verification of electronic signatures on documents in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, identifying the signing party and the time of signing.

  • Knowledge management support

    Establishment and management of a corporate knowledge base so that employees are aware of all effective regulations that relate to their job, position and the company's operation.