Electronic archiving

Secure and optimized storage of electronic documents, ensuring controlled access from any system, quick retrieval and compliant deletion of information.

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What makes a secure and efficient electronic archive

  • Storage

    Managing any type of content (text, visual, sound or video) while sustaining maximum security

  • Retrieval

    Flexible search options based on any parameter: customer, products, transactions etc.

  • Compliance

    Automated deletion processes in compliance with changing external and internal regulations

  • Availability

    Quick processing, immediate availability

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Replacing an existing archiving system, implementing a new one

As new technologies are developed continually, archiving systems need to be replaced from time to time. What considerations should be kept in mind when implementing a new system? Read our summary of how we delivered seamless transition and access to hundreds of millions of documents formerly stored in a legacy system using INNODOX DOCUMENT at one of Central Europe's largest financial institutions!



  • Automated archiving

    With INNODOX DOCUMENT, individual business processes and life cycles can be assigned to the specific document types. Electronic archiving of documents can be an automated, workflow-driven step of that process.

  • GRaaS – always in compliance with regulations

    Retention rules keep changing all the time and keeping up with these changes requires the constant attention of Retention Managers. Updating business rules to comply with regulations may incur high legal expenses. GRaaS (Governance Rules as a Service), a service offered in collaboration with Iron Mountain provides an efficient solution to this problem. With a GRaaS subscription, INNODOX DOCUMENT automatically updates the retention rules in the electronic archive system based on a schedule prepared by an international network of law offices.

  • Managing paper-based documents in electronic archive

    With INNODOX DOCUMENT, you can electronically follow, retrieve and locate paper-based documents. This way, "physical" copies and electronic documents, contents can be managed in a single system from the same UI. The solution also ensures the observation of standardized retention guidelines and compliance rules throughout the entire archive. This way, even paper-based documents can be located faster, retrieval history is traceable and so accountability is greater.

  • Low-code solution, user friendly UIs

    While most archiving systems are difficult to integrate with existing business processes, INNODOX DOCUMENT is a low-code, flexible and user-friendly solution that business users can apply to set up the document archiving logic easily, with simple configuration and without coding, using drag & drop tools and enjoying an immediate preview option.

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.




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INNODOX OUTPUT - Further application areas
  • Invoice generation

    Scheduled, mass dispatching of invoices with full automation or prompt generation of one-off invoices for customer service.

  • Contract generation

    Changing contract conditions, phased out and new products – for a service provider, automated contract generation is indispensable for doing business.

  • Generation of notification letters

    Generation and transfer of notification letters, payment notices and legal advice notes, including delivery tracking and the management of e-receipt confirmations.

  • Generation of information letters

    Automated creation of customized information letters with pre-defined messages or attachments that are relevant for the addressee.

  • Generation of customer service reply letters

    Automation of the manual work of customer service representatives, speeding up the generation of customized reply letters, digitalization of back office administration.