Automation for omni-digital customers

While the main driver of choosing primary banks is still the convenient in-person banking, most customers also want to interact with their institutes through a variety of channels. However, fewer and fewer customers distinguish between offline and online. People want to be able to use the services of a bank easily, at any time and from anywhere, but at the same time be looked after personally, if necessary. All this, at competitive costs, of course.
Financial services companies need a comprehensive omnichannel strategy and must invest in smart touchpoints that are optimized to meet the needs of increasingly online savvy customers.

Actively shape the digital transformation

Most financial services companies have a complex, heterogeneous IT infrastructure that has grown over many years. Due to mergers and acquisitions, there are various legacy applications and self-developed solutions, whose support is complex, and which are often no longer able to meet the increased demands of customers.

Innodox’s products and solutions integrate easily and cost-effectively into your existing IT architecture and are available on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based. This makes them an ideal foundation to build a modern, omnichannel-enabled and smart banking platform of the future. Our dozens of financial service provider clients rely on our proven solutions for secure and innovative information management in various projects ensuring tangible benefits for their customers.

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Omni-Channel increases customer engagement and loyalty

Making transfers via computer, checking financial status on smartphone, discussing loans
by video chat or just simply sending a request by e-mail. With a smart omni-channel strategy, you can seamlessly connect all touch points to your customers.

Your customers need to be empowered to manage their own finances, investments and loans at these touch points - more and more mobile and on the move. You need customized analyses of liquidity and tailored investment strategies. This intelligence-based relationship between bank and customer increases trust in the bank and results customer satisfaction and loyalty. And this is where INNODOX products and solutions come into play.

On the way to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey that aims to enable the organization to maximize the potential of new technologies in order to meet the evolving consumer needs. Innodox's solutions help this journey along the entire document life cycle:


85% of banks cite implementation of a digital transformation program as a business priority for 2018.
[ EY, Global Banking Outlook 2018 ]

Speed, convenience, helpful employees and friendly service matter most, each hitting over 70% in importance to consumers.
[ McKinsey, Retail Banking Multichannel Survey 2016 ]

Optimum support of your professional requirements

OnBoarding new customers

Speed up and simplify the onboarding process for new customers. Collect the required data only once and use it for individual up- and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast onboarding.
  • Simplify your processes and reduce the associated process costs.
  • Reduce paper stocks and manual processes and use a company-wide archive.

Credit check and award

Review and process more loan applications in less time and with less staff. Minimize the use of paper-based forms and reduce costs.

  • Reduce the processing time for credit checking and awarding ensures satisfied customers and reduces costs.
  • Use the potential of your branches and advise solvent customers personally and comprehensively.
  • Lower the likelihood of mistakes and provide your management with relevant KPIs in a dashboard.

New customer acquisition through targeted marketing

Address solvent customers with the highest purchasing power. Give your marketing department tools to manage omni-channel campaigns without dependence on the always busy IT department.

  • Use your touchpoints to turn potential customers into satisfied ones.
  • Win solvent customers.
  • Use the knowledge of your existing customers to sell them more and higher quality products.


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