Document registration and receipt

Incoming document registering and routing, to the organizational unit or employee in charge, or to the case concerned even automated, all in compliance with current company and legal regulations.

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Document registration and receipt made easy

  • Receipt, opening

    Recording the receipt, opening documents received by mail, digitizing the envelope and its contents

  • Registration

    Extraction of data, electronic registration of documents, assignment of a reference number to contents and annexes

  • Administration, routing

    Assignment of documents to the persons in charge, or if that person is absent, delegation of the task

  • Records management

    Keeping electronic records of paper-based documents, tracking their physical location in the archives, automated deletion

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Don't stop at digitizing incoming documents! Digitalize your entire operations! Document receipt and registration may form an integral part of your company's document or content management platform. By using INNODOX DOCUMENT, you can manage business content, data-driven processes and transactions in a standardized and automated fashion. The solution provides your employees with a comprehensive overview of information needed for their work. It is easy to configure, so it is perfectly suitable to serve unique, department-specific needs as well.



Are you looking for a targeted solution for document receipt, registration, classification and routing? INNODOX CAPTURING reduces significantly the resources needed for digitizing paper-based documents or processing incoming electronic documents. The solution integrates with any IT environment and document management system.



Do you have extraordinary requirements in document capturing and registering? INNODOX CONNECT provides connections between various systems for integration, data transfer and processing. It also creates a flexible and simple customizable layer if the process control or user interfaces of backend systems are not satisfactory. With the use of INNODOX CONNECT, any software product can fulfil completely your company's unique needs.



  • Converting unstructured documents into structured ones

    By combining our Capturing and Document solutions, you can set up a platform where metadata extracted from incoming paper-based or electronic documents are automatically recorded to the relevant place of the document management system. This way, document capturing and registering are not a bottleneck of information processing anymore.

  • Records management functions

    With INNODOX DOCUMENT, you can electronically follow and retrieve paper-based documents and locate them in the physical archives, enabling you to manage paper-based and electronic documents on the same interface in a single system. This solution ensures that mandatory retention standards and compliance rules are fulfilled across the entire archives. It makes convenient searching and rapid finding of documents. Having the digital history of retrieved documents also results in greater accountability.

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