Knowledge management support

Make internal knowledge transfer easier! With a digital knowledge base, you can keep all your employees up-to-date on information related to their work and the company's operations in a compliant manner.

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Support knowledge management with
tools for automation

  • Content management

    A single intuitive user interface for reading, acknowledging and testing all study materials.

  • Testing

    Tests with a great variety of question types: multiple choice, true/false, essay, assessment scale etc.

  • Following

    Retrievable learning history, user or content logging, test assessment reports, certifications.

  • Notification

    Assigning customizable email notifications to new content, reminder messages to users who lag behind.

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  • Simple questionnaire editing

    A questionnaire's nature and quality greatly affect the recipients' willingness to complete it and the related employee experience. INNODOX DOCUMENT's knowledge management module allows the use of varied question types for the compilation of questionnaires. In addition to a variety of closed questions (simple TRUE/FALSE or multiple choice), tests may also include open questions that require a detailed answer, enabling a deeper insight into employee knowledge and observations about a specific topic.

  • Controlled and up-to-date knowledge base

    Only verified and approved documents are allowed in INNODOX DOCUMENT's knowledge management module, ensuring reliable knowledge transfer. Erroneous or outdated document versions can be revoked for reworking and subsequent re-publishing. If the time limit of a document's validity is known in advance, the system can send out a reminder for updates automatically or delete the document, depending on settings.

  • Full integration with Outlook

    Are you looking for a system that is easy-to-use? INNODOX DOCUMENT can be integrated with the widely used Outlook application, so you can access most of its functions without having to leave your email system. You do not have to switch applications during your daily work, you can manage tasks swiftly from MS Office. INNODOX's DOCUMENT solution does not pose unnecessary challenges to your employees.

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