Put the basics in place for digital working. Automate the capturing and classification of incoming documents along with data extraction and forwarding to dedicated systems!

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  • Digitization

    Capturing paper-based and electronic incoming documents, making them searchable.

  • Processing

    Data extraction, classification, verification of customer master data and order numbers, format and content checks.

  • Data forwarding

    Automated forwarding of retreived data to dedicated systems, web applications and repositories.


Savings in resources

INNODOX CAPTURING solutions measurably reduce the human resources needed for digitizing incoming paper-based documents or for processing electronic documents. The time required for registering and sorting the documents and then forwarding them to the person in charge is reduced significantly.

Increased efficiency


Thanks to digitization, information is forwarded sooner to where it is processed. Your company can respond faster, thereby accelerating the entire operation.

Expanded range of extracted, searchable information

The range of data that the system can extract and process far exceeds that is made available by manual processing.

Quick return on investment

As human resource needs are reduced, the impact of capital investment on profitability is directly measurable.

Enhanced invoice processing solution

The system is designed to recognize internationally used invoice formats, enabling quick and easy invoice processing.

Digitalization helps all business functions

NNODOX CAPTURING solutions makes incoming document processing easier for all organizational units. The system is enabled for both centralized and endpoint-based data capturing.


OCR, ICR, automated data capturing

Digitization of incoming invoices, freight letters, contracts and other documents, automatic extraction of metadata, registering, classification and forwarding content to dedicated systems

  • From any source, to any channel

  • Comprehensive processing

  • Intelligent classification

  • Self-learning system



Customers about INNODOX

  • Dina Försäkring AB

    Having the policy and claims document in a digital format is making it possible to communicate in an interactive way with the customer, for example via My Pages. The customer can also communicate with us, being sure the documents are stored in a secure way, and deleted the day no longer relevant. The solution provided by Innodox made these processes way more simple both for us and for the customer. Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System


    One of the most important assets of Uniqa is the satisfaction of our customers. For this, we need to make our processes as efficient as possible. Innodox's flexible and tailored solutions provide competent assistance in this regard.

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.


Strategic and technology partners

The partner relationship of Innodox with ABBYY dates back to 2010. We have worked together in a number of successful projects in close cooperation. Due to the reliable support of the peculiarities of the German, Swedish and Hungarian languages, our partnership extends to several countries. In addition to ensuring outstanding manufacturer support to customers, Innodox has experienced staff in meeting the specific requirements of the financial, utilities and other service providers during implementation of ABBYY products, as well in operating or supporting the systems delivered.