Contract generation

Changing contract conditions, expiring tariff plans, new products – the automated generation of customer contracts and insurance policies is indispensable for any service provider.

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Creation of on-demand contracts made simple

  • Compilation

    Based on data and information set by the representative, the system compiles the content elements and puts together the contents.

  • Approval

    Any approval protocol, including multi-level ones, can be assigned to specific contract types.

  • Authentication

    Digital signature and timestamping of approved versions are part of the automated process.

  • Archiving

    Once contracts are forwarded to their destination, the system archives them.

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  • Hybrid solution for printing and mailing

    Are you generating hundreds of on-demand contracts per day? Manual printing, enveloping, labeling and mailing that many documents may take several man-days at a service provider. With INNODOX OUTPUT, you can print and mail customized, paper-based documents together with your mass document generation process, realizing significant savings in time and costs!

  • Automated generation of partner or subcontractor contracts

    In addition to managing your own electronic seals, with INNODOX OUTPUT you can also manage that of your contracting parties (partners, subcontractors). Once the subcontractor accepts a draft contract in a procurement process, the signing server seals and time stamps the contract using the electronic seals of both parties. This way, the contract becomes athomatically legal.

Key modules of INNODOX OUTPUT

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.




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