Generation of information letters

Automated creation of customized information letters with pre-defined messages or attachments that are relevant for the addressee.

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Data-driven information letter generation

  • Editing

    Easy-to-manage interface for setting up formatted text blocks, images, attachments and publishing criteria.

  • Reading

    Interprets and processes those data of the source systems, that contain relevant information to marketing messages.

  • Compilation

    Attaches marketing elements predefined by editors to documents, if pre-set criteria are met.

  • Creation

    Generation of information letters considering the space available and the specifics of the output channel.

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  • Future-proof technology

    The standard interface of INNODOX OUTPUT enables integration with the most diverse of IT environments. It can be integrated easily with systems like SAP r/3 and SAP Hana. Connection with core systems is enabled via webservice (SOAP, REST) for the creation of on-demand documents and on a file basis (standard SAP RDI, XML, CSV) for the mass generation of documents.

  • Possible attachment types

    Do you use inserted or embedded attachments or "white space management"? Let's see which one you need! An inserted attachment is a pre-printed material, usually of marketing nature, potentially printed on heavy paper and in photo quality. When managing these attachments, INNODOX OUTPUT controls the enveloper to make sure that this publication is only added to those addressees' envelopes who meet the criteria set by marketing. While a physically inserted attachment is always paper-based, an embedded one or the so called "white space management" can refer to electronic contents too. An embedded attachment is often just a few lines of text but white spaces can also hold images and other visual elements. In case the latter, the potential place of these content elements should be marked when preparing the template.

Key modules of INNODOX OUTPUT

  • Quality Manager module
  • Marketing Manager module
  • Template Manager module
  • Layout Engine

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.




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