Improve the quality of your customer relationships with communications that are based on automated document creation! Cost-efficient generation of customized, business-critical documents and contents via any digital or traditional channel.

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Document-generation for
each phase of customer relationship

  • Communication

    Personalized offers, tailor made information materials

  • Contracting

    Contracts, attachments, statements

  • Day-to-day business

    Account statements, one-off orders, confirmations, vouchers, requests

  • Cross-sell, upsell

    Unique, personalized offers and DM letters

  • Complaint management

    Complaint letters, protocols, reply letters

  • Contract termination

    Contract termination requests, forms

Omnichannel content generation

What, to whom, how and via what channel? An effective customer communication management (CCM) solution is indispensable for the successful implementation of any omnichannel strategy. As the driving force behind omnichannel communication, INNODOX OUTPUT always optimizes contents to the specific features of the output concerned, be it a traditional or a digital channel.

Template management without coding

You can prepare and edit templates on an online platform in a simple way with drag & drop tools and immediate preview option. No IT expertise is required!

Personalized marketing messages

Embedding dynamic marketing messages or business related information updates into documents

Transparency, traceability

Displaying prompt statistics and one-off reports on the dashboard

Cost and time efficiency

Postage optimization, automatic document merging/enveloping, centralized creation of on-demand documents

Solutions for all business areas

With INNODOX OUTPUT solutions, nearly all organizational units can enjoy the benefits of automated document generation.

Automated generation of
countless types of documents

With INNODOX OUTPUT, you can automate the creation of any document consisting of structured data: e.g. invoices, annual settlement reports, notification letters, contracts, information letters, customer service reply letters, proforma invoices, annual financial statements or payment orders. Below we present the most frequently applied solutions.

Invoice generation

Scheduled, mass dispatching of invoices with full automation or prompt generation of one-off invoices for customer service.

  • Predictable processing time, high availability

  • Quality assurance supported by artificial intelligence

  • Cost optimization by default

  • Future-proof technology



Contract generation

Changing contract conditions, phased out and new products – for a service provider, automated contract generation is indispensable for doing business.

  • Centralized Template Manager

  • Prompt availability

  • From compilation to archiving

  • Well known, familiar user interface



Generation of payment notice letters

Generation and transfer of notification letters, payment notices and legal advice notes, including delivery tracking and the management of e-receipt confirmations.

  • Management of industry-specific notification processes

  • Automated management of notification levels

  • Data-driven creation of registered or receipt-confirmed mails

  • Automated management of E-receipt confirmations



Generation of customer service reply letters

Automation of the manual work of customer service representatives, speeding up the generation of customized reply letters, digitalization of back office administration.

  • Quicker administration, more inquires answered

  • Less room for errors

  • Smoother workflows

  • Simple approval and authentication



Generation of information letters

Automated creation of customized information letters with pre-defined messages or attachments that are relevant for the addressee.

  • Refinable targeting using several criteria

  • Inserting graphics and relevant text sections

  • White space management, attachment management

  • Easy editing



Customers about INNODOX

  • Dina Försäkring AB

    Having the policy and claims document in a digital format is making it possible to communicate in an interactive way with the customer, for example via My Pages. The customer can also communicate with us, being sure the documents are stored in a secure way, and deleted the day no longer relevant. The solution provided by Innodox made these processes way more simple both for us and for the customer. Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System


    One of the most important assets of Uniqa is the satisfaction of our customers. For this, we need to make our processes as efficient as possible. Innodox's flexible and tailored solutions provide competent assistance in this regard.

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.