Invoice management and approval

Digitalized, automated invoice processing and approval with customizable workflows and easy-to-configure reports, providing document relationships needed for approval.

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Solution for the entire contract lifecycle

  • Preparation

    Collecting contract requests via self-service forms, compiling customized or standardized contracts

  • Approval

    Managing authorizations, following up on changes and approvals

  • Finalization

    Notification of default signers, keeping track of signatory statuses, management of digital signatures

  • Follow-up

    Automated management of expiry dates, extensions and renewals of contracts to ensure compliance

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  • Sensitive information in invoices and contracts

    Finance department staff members must have access to all financial documents in accordance with their respective authorization levels. In INNODOX DOCUMENT, access rights can be assigned below the document level. Meaning, you can encrypt sensitive information within a document, restricting accessibility to eligible users only while keeping the rest of the document open for those who need to work with it.

  • Integration and direct access to billing systems

    Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or CRM systems enables several convenience functions like the automatic loading of supplier data upon the creation of order forms. INNODOX DOCUMENT stores electronic copies of all documents and these copies can be accessed anytime directly from enterprise systems (SAP, FileNet, SalesForce etc.). This way, employees can instantly access the information they need, including assessment scores, prices, bids, invoices, etc. without having to exit the familiar application they are using.

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