OCR, ICR, automated data capturing

Digitization of incoming invoices, freight letters, contracts and other documents, automatic extraction of metadata, registering, classification and forwarding content to dedicated systems.

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Automated data capturing in 4 steps

  • Data Extraction

    Scanning followed by the automated extraction of business-critical data

  • Recognition

    Automated classification of digitized documents

  • Verification

    Support of actions requiring human interference, e.g. validation

  • Forwarding

    Integration and forwarding of data to dedicated systems

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  • Tracking and control

    If requested, we supply a web interface with our solutions that enables you to monitor all document receipt and registration activities of your business.

  • Data checks and validation

    The system identifies and verifies all important data fields in the documents, along with their context and the additional elements. Then documents are automatically forwarded to the processing location as required by business rules. The solution is also capable of comparing specific fields to databases for improved accuracy; if the downstream steps are still unclear, it will send a notification to the representative in charge. Thanks to machine learning, human interference and thus the resource needs are reduced gradually.

  • Eliminating surface stains from scans

    ll clear! The system is capable of separating text from stains on the paper. Imprint of a coffee mug bottom or a handwritten "received" note on the paper will not distort the data extracted from the document.

  • Capturing handwriting

    The system classifies handwritten documents based on their format template and contents. After that, data are extracted and indexed immediately thanks to intelligent and accurate interpretation technologies. Please note, that when it comes to handwriting it takes longer to teach the system how to recognize characters.

  • Scanning with your mobile phone

    No scanner at hand? It is not a must for scanning - you can do that with a mobile phone, too. This is an especially useful feature for field staff like salespeople, insurance agents and realtors!

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.


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