Change to digital operations! Manage all company contents in a standardized manner, automate document processing! Make work at your business more efficient, transparent and traceable!

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Solutions for all phases of information management

  • Content management

    Sorting and managing business documents, version tracking, commenting, digital signing

  • Process automation

    Task automation, assigning contents to tasks, management of process exceptions, approvals

  • Collaboration

    Secure content sharing with internal and external partners, collaborative document editing with version control, chat, notifications

  • Case management

    Data-driven management of data, documents and processes relating to a specific case

  • Reporting and verification

    Intuitive dashboards, configurable reports, event logging

  • Retention and records management

    Automated retention and destruction processes: management of retention schedules, registries, compliance


A single platform offering solutions tailored to the unique needs of individual departments

Fulfilling diverse needs while remaining standardized? INNODOX DOCUMENT enables the uniform and automated management of your company's contents, data-driven processes and transactions. This unique platform provides your staff with a comprehensive view to all information needed for their work. Our solution is easy-to-configure, thus is perfectly suitable for supporting tailored, department-specific processes. INNODOX DOCUMENT is designed to serve the special needs of various business areas from billing through HR processes to automated contract management, both independently or in interaction with the dedicated systems of business units.

Flexible, scalable

Scalable and flexibly expandable with compromising speed or performance.

Fully customizable

Modular software design that can be configured to specific business units or tasks.

Low-code configuration

Changes are easy to adapt through low cost, "point-and-click" configuring.

Full-scope integration

The solution is designed to integrate smoothly with existing applications like e.g. SAP, SalesForce or Microsoft Office.

Support to all business areas

The automated solutions of INNODOX DOCUMENT make work easier for nearly all organizational units of your business.

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Procurement support

Digitalization, company-wide standardization and optimization of procurement processes, making them measurable. Automation of manual tasks, establishment of transparency over purchase requisitions and tenders, while reducing lead times.

  • From procurement requisition to paying the selected supplier

  • Collaboration platforms with potential suppliers

  • Measurable, transparent processes – detailed reports and statements

  • Budget control, avoidance of ad-hoc expenses



Contract management

Structured creation, approval, versioning and secure sharing of draft contracts with participants inside and outside the organization, following them through the entire document lifecycle.

  • Simple generation of contracts

  • Documents with version tracking, version comparison

  • Workflow-based, data-driven and automated approval

  • Closed, secure sharing platform



Invoice management, invoice approval

Automated, transparent processing and approval of invoices with customizable work flows and easy-to-configure reports, linking in documents that are needed for granting approval.

  • Individually configurable, data-driven work processes

  • Due dates and automated notification

  • Compilation of detailed reports and statements

  • Document links to facilitate approvals



Recruitment, HR support

Simplified selection and employement process with automated onboarding and offboarding, transparent management of all employee matters.

  • Automation for the entire employee life cycle

  • Secure sharing, also with external partners

  • Integration with main HR systems

  • Simplification of daily HR tasks



Knowledge management

Establishment and management of a corporate knowledge base so that employees are aware of all effective regulations that relate to their job position and the company's operation.

  • Access management

  • Automatic tracking of learning status

  • Automation of testing and backtesting

  • Collection and registration of verification documents



Electronic authentication

Authentication and subsequent verification of electronic signatures on documents in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, identifying the signing party and the time of signing.

  • Digitally signed documents

  • Integrated solution

  • Automated authentication of mass documents

  • Legally authentic electronic documents



Customers about INNODOX

  • Dina Försäkring AB

    Having the policy and claims document in a digital format is making it possible to communicate in an interactive way with the customer, for example via My Pages. The customer can also communicate with us, being sure the documents are stored in a secure way, and deleted the day no longer relevant. The solution provided by Innodox made these processes way more simple both for us and for the customer. Linda Sundbaum, Chef IT-System


    One of the most important assets of Uniqa is the satisfaction of our customers. For this, we need to make our processes as efficient as possible. Innodox's flexible and tailored solutions provide competent assistance in this regard.

Strategic and technology partners

The enterprise document management solutions of INNODOX DOCUMENT are based on Hyland's OnBase product. OnBase is the most flexible and most comprehensive independent corporate information management platforms available on the market today. Its developer, Hyland has been ranked by Gartner's analysts among the global leaders of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) service providers for the 10th time, along with such vendors like Microsoft and IBM.



For SME businesses and companies that are able to adhere to off-the-shelf solutions, we provide INNODOX DOCUMENT functionalities in cooperation with M-Files. In their 2020 Content Management Value Matrix, Nucleus Research rated M-Files as a top system and voted it best in terms of usability and functionalities.