Insurance business platforms in the age of the Digital Natives


Based on some industry analyzes, about 70 percent of all insurance companies work with IT systems from the last century. Their maintenance eats up valuable resources and hinders innovations. Digitization is forcing insurers to further develop established business models. The disruptive effects of digital transformation will continue to accelerate. New business models, connected customer service and omnichannel management are the key factors in the digital transformation of insurers.

Digital is normal

By now, the "Digital Natives", also known as "Generation Y" form a dominant part of the consumer society. Insurers need to be agile and flexible enough to meet the needs of these customers. Still, "omni-channel" capabilities are missing or incomplete for many players of the industry.
On the other hand, more and more digital disruptors, so called insurtech players coming from the digital or e-commerce economy, enter the market changing the way insurance products and services are delivered.

Innodox enables insurance providers to better answer the challenges of the digital era. Our solutions support "omni-channeling" - reaching customers with targeted messaging, offers, and pricing at the right time, right channel - and better integrating customers into their own service processes. We enable insurers to reduce their costs, significantly improve their competitiveness and proactively offer suitable products and services. With 20-year-old company history, we are considered a specialist enhancing the digital transformation capabilities of our Clients in the field of document/digital content creation, digitization, control of shipping, archiving and output management.

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On the way to digital transformation


Digital transformation is a never-ending journey that aims to enable the organization to maximize the potential of new technologies in order to meet the evolving consumer needs. Innodox's solutions help this journey along the entire document life cycle:


74% of consumers are willing to receive computer-generated advice about the type of insurance to purchase.
[ Accenture, Global Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study: Insurance Report, 2017 ]

The likelihood of prospects buying a policy once they apply increases from about 70% to nearly 90% as the administration of (filling up and signing) process gets closer to real time.
[ Deloitte, Insurance Outlook, 2018 ]

Optimum support of your professional requirements

With Innodox’s solutions for efficient information management, you can optimize your business processes, such as claim processing, customer management or foster new business deals.

Claim processing

Our solutions The Omni-Channel capability of our products enables your customers to quickly deliver the information they need in the event of a claim. For example, damage can be photographed with the smartphone. At the press of a button, the photo can be displayed ends up in the customer interface area of your web portal which can be and can be supplemented by the client the customer himself with additional information. A capture process checks the data for completeness and consistency, and your clerks have all the information immediately, completely and at a central location.


  • Your customers can quickly and easily report the damage themselves and receive timely feedback on the processing status.
  • Your agents have all the information they need immediately, in one place and can handle manage the the issuecase efficiently.
  • Automation of claim processing reduces costs and increases the profitability of your company, as well as.
  • Customer satisfaction, that can lead to loyalty

Customer Management

With our solutions you can achieve a comprehensive 360 ° view of customer inquiries, the processing status as well as the complete correspondence with your customers. This allows you to optimize the customer experience, increase referral rate of your customer and significantly reduce operating costs.


  • Streamline your business processes through agile transaction processing.
  • Accelerate decision-making through efficient use of all information available to the customer and process.
  • Increase transparency and use of KPIs through preconfigured reports.

Upsell to existing customer and new customer acquisitions

Address solvent customers with the highest purchasing power. Give your marketing department tools busy IT department.


  • Use your touchpoints to turn potential customers into satisfied ones.
  • Win solvent customers.
  • Use the knowledge of your existing customers to sell them more and higher quality products.

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