Electronic authentication

An indispensable element of getting things done without physical presence. Signatures on electronic documents become legally authentic after electronic authentication that involves the identification of the signing party and the time of signing.

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Electronic authentication in four steps

  • Input

    Documents awaiting electronic authentication (PDF, XML)

  • Embedding

    Embedding of document parts that cannot be authenticated independently.

  • Authentication

    Electronic document signing, authenticated time stamping.

  • Output

    Forwarding authenticated documents to any output channel or archiving system.

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  • Authentication for the long run

    Maintain the authenticated status of your archived documents! Electronic signatures and time stamps may become outdated or exposed to decrypting and decoding. If you retain electronically archived documents for the long term, you must make sure that the security of the encryption algorithm can be verified at all times. With the electronic archiving solutions of INNODOX DOCUMENT, you can set up automatic re-authentication for documents that might not be secure anymore.

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