Invoice generation

Scheduled, mass dispatching of invoices with full automation or prompt generation of one-off invoices for customer service.

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Mass invoice generation made simple

  • Read

    Receives data from source systems to convert them into a ready-to-process format

  • Create

    Compiles and formats billing content, optimizing them to the specifics of output channels

  • Generate

    Generates invoices while preparing for cost-efficient mass production

  • Deliver

    Forwards invoices to defined destinations: any output channel or archiving system

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  • Closed workflow design concept

    The closed workflow of INNODOX OUTPUT serves the highest level of data security required by financial institutions and insurance companies. It ensures compliance with legal provisions, rules standards and GDPR requirements whilst enabling the creation, processing, modification and version control of standardized invoices.

  • Invoice marketing

    How do you turn your invoices into a communication channel? Our marketing module takes customer-specific information (purchase patterns, preferred channels, etc.) available in the source systems (e.g. CRM) to assign targeted marketing messages or information relevant to the partner/customer concerned to invoices. The module monitors the expiry of messages and you can also set the number of times a message is sent out by the system. The solution monitors Robinson list entries so you don't have to be worried about spamming customers.

  • Digitally signed documents

    INNODOX OUTPUT's E-Sign Module takes care of the approval, digital signing and time stamping of electronic invoices. For this purpose, it uses the solution of trusted third party certification service providers with qualification that are regularly audited by appropriate authorities.

  • White space management

    Make use of "white spaces"! The blank spaces on the invoices to be sent out for customers and partners can be effectively used for delivering business information and marketing messages. Filling in these white spaces does not incur any additional production costs since our solution optimizes the process: The desired message is only printed if it does not lead to additional use of paper. For contents to be archived, you can use settings that will not add marketing messages to the document, thereby reducing its file size and the required storage space.

Key modules of INNODOX OUTPUT

Integration made easy

INNODOX CONNECT is an integration platform that effortlessly connects different applications. The platform comes with a user-friendly user interface option. No matter what IT environment you work with, INNODOX CONNECT enables the fast and easy implementation of our solutions.




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