Any issues with Saperion? Upgrade to Onbase now!

Why change?

In order to be able to regularly rely on support, maintenance and further development in the future, it is important to choose a long-term and promising ECM solution. With discontinued models such as Saperion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find competent contacts, while other ECM systems such as OnBase continue to increase in performance and new features.

On the technical side, OnBase already offers numerous advantages:

  1. significantly more advanced and modular code structure

  2. better integration into modern IT landscapes

  3. Data types and formats meet current requirements

  4. Certified partners who regularly refresh their technical knowledge.

The transition is easier than you thought:

During migration, the experts at INNODOX replicate the previous system landscape in OnBase. You can choose between several migration methods. Our developers deal intensively with their application areas and adapt the operating environment optimally for their purposes. If desired, the migration of the systems can be done completely remote and therefore almost invisible for the customer. The new sysem landscape is extensively tested in several procedures to ensure absolute security. The changeover is carried out in a process optimized for the customer, taking into account the cost/time factor.


INNODOX as a reliable partner

INNODOX Technologies, as a long-standing Hyland premium partner, has already per-formed numerous migrations from Saperion and many other ECM systems to OnBase. Thanks to our broad team of experts and over 20 years of experience, we guarantee a smooth and safe transition!


  1. Projects with more than 2,000,000,000 documents realized

  2. Broad-based experts & support Support Team

  3. Safe transition thanks to 3 steps procedure

Our solutions

Find the best migration method

Depending on the structure of your ecm system and your database different methods can be usefull. Read more about the different methods in our blogpost. 


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    No migration

    Saperion and OnBase are installed in parallel and run at the same time. The metadata of the old database is transferred to the new one to allow further access.


    migration of more than 2.000.000 files per day

    no downtimes

    Saperion know-how still necessary


    Silent migration

    Metadata is transferred to OnBase. When data from the old system is accessed, it is automatically migrated to the new system invisibly for the user.


    In the long term, a complete shutdown of the legacy system possible

    Most resource-saving solution


    Complete migration

    All existing data sets in Saperion are completely migrated to OnBase.


    Completely independent from the legacy system

    high time expenditure

    not all metadata used can be mapped 1:1 in OnBase

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