Administrator , 11. January 2023

How to choose the right document generation solution that won’t drive your colleagues crazy? Part 1.

Have you ever calculated how much time do your sales or customer service team spend with creating price quotes, sales contracts or any other documents recommended for the sales work? Those hours spent for administration can be saved with automated document generation processes, and enables your colleagues focus on the clients and improve customer satisfaction.

What is the essence of automated document generation?


With automated document generation solution, you can shorten the sales cycle. Less time will be spent with administration, and your team can send quotes and sales contracts much quicker. More efficient sales process can even result in increasing revenues as well.
Although automation is undoubtedly the future for all businesses, there surprisingly few companies already use automated solution in theis sales processes. According to recent statistics, almost 9 out of 10 agreements are still prepared using manual processes.
If your small or medium enterprise has not shifted from manual to automated document generation, you are actually missing an opportunity to increase your turnover.

Contract generation solution, as a new investment in your company


You can consider automated contract generation process as an investment in your business that results more efficient business processes, better customer loyalty and competitive advantage in the longer term.

If you are ready for shifting from manual document generation processes to automated solutions, read how to choose the proper solution that best meets your company’s needs.

Read part 2.


Why Innodox is a reliable partner in shifting from Saperion to OnBase?


We have more than 24 years of experience in document generation and management, servicing large companies worldwide, in various industries with a strong focus on banking, insurance, utility and public administration.

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