Administrator , 11. January 2023

How to choose the right document generation solution that won’t drive your colleagues crazy? Part 2.

Easy to set up, easy to use


It is important to choose a solution that your team can quickly learn to use, and they do not need ongoing support from the service provider either.
Difficult and long learning processes and frequent need of support can considerably increase the cost of using the software and slow down the sales process in the period of learning time.

Quick and error-free contract creation


When generating sales agreements manually, it often happens that several vendors and business departments are participating in the process. This is time consuming and slows down the whole process and may cause errors as well.

Look for a document generation solution that offers the ability to create templates that can support various business needs and document variations, eliminating the need to create and maintain a significant number of contract forms.

Why Innodox is a reliable partner in shifting from Saperion to OnBase?


We have more than 24 years of experience in document generation and management, servicing large companies worldwide, in various industries with a strong focus on banking, insurance, utility and public administration.

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