Administrator , 03. May 2023

INNODOX Connect in use at Budapest Water Works

At INNODOX, we strive to provide better service to our customers every day. For this reason, we are constantly collecting feedback from our customers on our solutions. This was also the case at Fővárosi Vízművek (Budapest Water Works), where we asked the team leader for General Case Management in the Customer Care Directorate, Barbara Must about her experience with INNODOX Connect.  


In which tasks does INNODOX Connect help you in your work?  


For one, I use it when a specific case comes in that I don't assign to a case manager, because it's much easier for me to go through the whole process. I use a blank template for these response letters because they usually require a very individual response.  


On the other hand, I use the interface to approve the letters prepared by my case managers. For me, it is a great help that I can see a lot of useful information on immediately after logging in, for example, I can immediately see what kind of letter was written, whether it is an internal letter or a customer request. I can also see who created the letter, the name of the template and the output channel. I really like this start screen (dashboard), for me it is very dialog oriented.  


What advantages of INNODOX Connect would you highlight?  


We have some letter templates that I don't necessarily open individually because they have so little variable data and the administrator only has to exchange data where there is no or minimal margin for error. This is a worthwhile thing to do because hundreds of these letters come in every day, and it would be very time-consuming to review them individually. Since the data is retrieved from SAP, it should also be error-free.  


On the dashboard, I can see the completed letter, which I can either send back to the administrator with a reason or approve with one click. It is very good that I can select documents in the dashboard, either individually or in bulk.  



"Compared to before when I had to sign hundreds of letters by hand, this is really heaven." 


Yes, we've heard that there used to be a huge mountain of paper waiting to be signed individually by hand....  


.... yes that is true. I have gained a lot with Connect, it took me a lot of time to personally sign hundreds of letters. Innodox Connect is a huge improvement and support for all of us and especially for me in our daily work.


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