Administrator , 30. March 2023

Are you afraid of sanctions and fines resulting from inappropriate GDPR regulations?

After GDPR regulations have been entered into effect on 25th May 2016, the legislations allow 2 years of transition period for EU members to fully comply with the new laws. 

This period is over, and from 25th May 2018, EU Member States may face severe fines and sanctions if they cannot meet GDPR. 

INNODOX Trust, INNODOX's latest development, provides companies with reliable solution to navigate through the strictly regulated GDPR documents. One of the several useful product features allows you to delete documents belonging to a single client with just a few clicks, avoiding a breach of GDPR document management regulations that could result in fines of up to millions of euros.


INNODOX Trust is recommended for large enterprises that manage hundreds of thousands of confidential documents every day. Discover our latest innovation, learn more about INNODOX Trust from our experts: 

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