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How to choose the right document generation solution that won’t drive your colleagues crazy? Part 3.

Ensure professional design and proper layout


Many document generation solutions can be integrated with CRM tools to automatically pull customer data into your contracts. However, pasting data into the contract from paper or a separate software platform may look messy unless additional formatting effort.


Look for a solution that supports dynamic formatting to be able to properly design the final document. 


Single source for contract generation and signature


When you are ready with the sales contract, it has to be signed before sending out to customers.

Contract generation solutions can help making the signing process as simple as possible, if you look for a document generation solution that is integrated with your CRM system and an e-signature solution. The best e-signature softwares can meet and even exceed the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards. 

Accelerate your sales process by automating the generation and signature of customized agreements.


Discuss important product features with your sales team as well


Your colleagues may also have some ideas and expectations important to consider. We advise you to sit down with your sales team and all of those who are involved in document generation processes and discuss together what features they expect from the new software. 

Discuss your team’s expectations and choose a reliable document management provider which offers all the features necessary for your team to work efficiently.
If your team sinks in manual document generation and paperwork, it is surely time to shift!

Innodox offers great solutions for document management that can dramatically decrease the administration workload of your team.
For further information please contact our experts who are ready to draw you up all the benefits of our services.






Why Innodox is a reliable partner in shifting from Saperion to OnBase?

We have more than 24 years of experience in document generation and management, servicing large companies worldwide, in various industries with a strong focus on banking, insurance, utility and public administration.


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