Administrator , 24. March 2023

Put an end to the time-consuming maintenance of archived documents

As legislations allow that certain documents can be eliminated after digitalisation and authentication, you can get rid of a huge load of paper documents without any risk.

And this is the way how INNODOX Trust can help your company with its features that allow your colleagues to digitalise and authenticate documents. Authentic copies of e-signed documents can be retrieved at any time and printed out if required. A lot more convenient than sorting out documents phisically, isn’t it? 

With INNODOX Trust, there is no need to maintain an expensive archive, as you can keep your documents in the digital archive instead of a physical storage. 

INNODOX Trust is recommended for large enterprises that manage hundreds of thousands of confidential documents every day. Discover our latest innovation, learn more about INNODOX Trust from our experts: 

INNODOX Trust finally puts an end to the storage of paper documents!

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