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Automation is the only way to win in the long run

Computerworld, one of the leading IT and ICT magazines in Hungary, interviewed Dominique Nagy, founder and CEO of our company. Our CEO have mentioned global trends in which Innodox offers reliable and professional solutions.


Innodox’s services are competitive in a global scale. The subsidiaries in Budapest and Berlin serve global companies in Europe, Asia and Northern-Europe. Our company has implemented a digital strategy that has contributed to the high level of customer experience, employee-loyalty, efficiency and competitiveness of these global corporations.

“Digital transformation is not only a question of technology. This is one of the most relevant questions that a company owner can raise, as digitalisation is considered to be the key to solve the labor shortage derive from demographical changes worldwide” - say Dominique Nagy. Many researches indicate that the working age population will be halved in a couple of decades, and this tendency will lead to critical shortage of workforce that will jeopardise the companies’ operations.

Companies must be prepared that they will simply have not enough workforce, hence the automation will be the only way to maintain their operation. Automation can help handling fluctuation and changing labor trends. With automation, companies are able to do more tasks with less employees.  

Simplifying businesses

The most important mission of Innodox is simplifying businesses through document generation and document management. Its solutions offer considerable support for especially the customer service department. Innodox Connect is based on open source technology, easy to integrate and user friendly, making everyday tasks simpler and quicker. Digital transformation in document generation and management is a great innovation that dramatically improves business processes.  

We are proud to say that almost each Hungarian households can benefit from our solutions, as many of the largest utility companies already use our technology for invoicing and during their customer service processes.

Satisfied employees and customers

“Around 50 employees work at the 2 subsidiaries – however, we all work as part of one great tenacious team”, said our CEO. Our solutions, Innodox Output and Connect are always tailored to the unique needs of our partners, making processes simpler and more efficient. Our consultants strive to meet the special needs of our customers, which lead to higher customer satisfaction.

The integration of new employees is also easier and quicker with our softwares. Nowadays, training and integration of a new colleague at the customer service department might take several month. However, machine learning can reduce this process dramatically. Innodox Connect can increase the efficiency of this department by 30-40 per cent and improves the transparency of the employees’ work. As a result, work processes can be controllable and measurable. An other advantage is that we can involve colleagues with less experience in the business processes.  


In summary, Innodox Connect might be a great help for a company. However, it is vital to make our staff understand that the purpose of the implementation of such solution is to handle the shortage in professional workforce, and NOT downsizing. The competencies shall not be used during the daily routine. Instead, competencies shall be used to solve difficult situations.


In practise, we can say that 70-80 per cent of the processes can be automated at an ordinary utility, financial or insurance company. Therefore, the staff will have more time to handle those situations that requires special attention thanks to automation.


There is an increasing need for the use of new technologies


As customer service is far not the only department which is affacted by labor shortage, one of the primary task for Innodox is to establish a platform that can be used by various departments and processes. Our product development team is striving to design solution that can be tailored to unique business needs with minimal configuration and customisation, ensure quick implementation.


We think that the deep professional knowledge of our experts will be changed by the horizontal way of thinking of our young talents.

“We focus on UX/UI concerns as well, and we encourage our colleagues to participate in the testing process. We need to see how people can use our technology: if the application is not user friendly, they will not be popular and people will ignore to use them. In future, we are going to focus on RPA, machine learning and cloud solutions in order to increase the scale of use of our technology”, emphasised our CEO.  


This article was composed based on an interview published in the 16th issue of Computerworld magazine.

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