Administrator , 23. November 2022

More efficient contract generation and document archiving with IDX document generation solutions

According to our experience, administration is one of those areas in the business processes in which we can find large room for improvement in many companies.


Increase the level of digitalisation and automation in your administration processes and let your colleagues have more time for your clients. As a result, customer relationship will improve significantly. The icing on the cake is that digitalisation and automation will decrease time consuming and monotonous administration workload significantly, which can improve productivity and contribute to better loyalty of your staff.


Better customer relations and increased employee loyalty: two birds with one stone.

Let’s see what are the fields on which digitalisation and automation can help your enterprise


Contract generation:


Creating a contract manually is getting out of date. Instead, you could consider shifting to a software which can generate contracts automatically, letting your sales staff focusing on their clients instead of dealing with administration issues.


Innodox offers tailor made contract generation system, which helps your sales team creating tons of customer contracts without mistakes, thanks to minimalised human interaction during the contract generation process.


Archiving system:


Document archiving never been so easy and resource-saving! We believe that the proper time to shift to electronic archiving is TODAY! Why? Electronic archiving can reduce the time being spent on archiving processes, dramatically reduce the manual workload and the number of errors as well. On the other hand, digitalised archiving lets your colleagues focus on more creative and more value adding tasks instead of dealing with repetitive daily administration issues.


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