Administrator , 02. December 2022

The „Life bouy” technology for large corporations in the era of skyrocketing energy prices and labour expenses

Have you ever realised how much cost and working hours does it take to generate, process, correct and archive that amount of documents? The result of the calculation might be more than shocking.


What can be the solution?


When energy prices and wages are increasing steeply, it makes sense to shift from money burning processes to cost efficient methods.

We at Innodox Technologies strongly believe that digitalization and automation are the key for large companies to manage extremely large amount of documents, contracts and invoices with a cost efficient and labour work-saving way. Shift from manual document processing and archiving to automated technologies and you can save incredibly high amount of money.


Why should you make a broad step towards digitalisation and automation TODAY?


Researches indicate that the availability of workforce will continue to decline in future decades due to several demographic conditions. Consequently, labour shortage is not a short term problem but a persistent trend in many industries.

With the help of digitalisation and automation, document generation and archiving can be transformed from a money guzzling and human resource wasting task to a modern, cost and labour efficient method.





Why Innodox is a reliable partner in shifting from Saperion to OnBase?



We have more than 24 years of experience in document generation and management, servicing large companies worldwide, in various industries with a strong focus on banking, insurance, utility and public administration.

Contact our experts for a free workshop to demonstrate the major advantages of shifting from Saperion to OnBase.




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